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Tips on hiring a Marquee

The following are a few FAQ`s offering you some guidance, advice and tips on hiring or booking a marquee or mobile bar with us or in fact any of our services.

If you are thinking of hiring a marquee for your event or wedding in Norfolk and need further advice then please feel free to e-mail us today.

Do you sub contract the work out, because we want everything from a single company?
We do not sub contract work to other companies although if we are unable to help we may be able to point you in the right direction of someone who might.
There are event hire companies that offer a long list of services but in reality some of those services are provided by different companies, Toilet hire and Catering are the usual ones that are passed on, although you may still get a single invoice. So if its important to you then always ask the question to which ever company you choose.

Are all of the services you offer provided by you ?
Yes, all the services are provided by us here at Bounceroo Events, with our staff and using our equipment. If during our busy times some of our services are booked we may source them from our extensive list of suppliers and partners. Or, we’ll offer contact details of someone else for you to contact directly.
How long does it take to erect a marquee?
The time depends on the size of the marquee, the access and the amount of accessories required.
A simple plain 12m x 6m marquee would take approx 2 hours.
A 21m x 9m wedding marquee with all the linings, tables and chairs etc could take up to 2 days. We should be able to give you a guide time at the time of booking.
Do you charge for delivery ?
Yes we do I am afraid, with the price of fuel as it is we have little choice. However we do keep these as low as we can. The delivery charge is based on the distance of the delivery from us here at Cawston
Bouncy castle are delivered free within 10 miles of Cawston, Norfolk
If we have a buffet do we have to do the washing up ?
In short no, the washing up of all serving platters and utensils is included in the price of the food.
For other banqueting hire items such as plates, cutlery, glasses etc the washing up charge is added automatically at 0.9p per item with a minimum charge of £20.00
What happens if something is broken, damaged or missing ?
We do charge for missing, broken or damaged items at full replacement cost.
Do I have to pay extra for ground bars and guttering ?
No, Although some companies do charge extra, we include them in the price of the hire.
Can you erect a mini marquee on our patio ?
Yes we can, by using ground bars which links each leg together forming a base frame. This frame is then weighted down.
Can you join two or more of your marquee’s together ?
Yes, we use a gutter kit which enables our marquee’s to stand side by side or even end to end
When do you erect the marquee ?
We will normally erect the marquee the day before your event and dismantle it the day after your event but we are flexible and we will do our best to fit in with your times. The exception are weddings, obviously we understand that brides and family members like to take part in dressing tables etc So we erect the marquee earlier in the week for Saturday weddings.
How early do I need to book ?
It would help us if you could book as early as possible especially during the summer period, Late bookings are welcome and if it is possible for us to help you then we will be happy to do so subject to availability.