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Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions ( A paper copy is available on request )

A 10% or minimum of £100 deposit (whichever the greater) is required to secure all bookings and in addition a refundable security deposit of £100 may be added to invoices, if so this will be clearly shown and refunded after the event less any charges for damages / breakages / losses etc. If any necessary charges are over the £100 security deposit then the additional amount will be charged.

Payment Terms:

Invoices must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to your event taking place.


Deposits are non refundable.

Our Contact Details

If you require any further information please contact us by phone +44 (0)1603 879747 or by
e-mail via the contact us page on this site.
You can always write to us at:
Crow Hall
Crow Hall Lane
NR10 4TA

Marquee & Accessories Hire
In the case of marquee hire we are no longer able to give or guarantee times of arrival for erecting marquees etc. Marquees will be erected the day before the event, (unless otherwise agreed) however during our busy periods completion may well be into the evening. Therefore if you require time to decorate or set out the marquee after we have finished we advise that you ask to hire the marquee for an extra day, this is especially important for an event such as a wedding reception. Please discuss this with us at time of booking because we are flexible especially with weddings and often there is not even an additional cost.

The hirer / customer is responsible for ensuring there is an adequate and suitable electricity supply at the venue or in the case of a marquee the suitable supply is to be made available inside the marquee. We are able to hire to customer’s generators / extension leads if necessary.

All flooring including dance floors when laid on grass, soft or uneven surface will be laid as flat and even as the ground allows. Please ensure you are happy with the flooring prior to use, as we do not accept any responsibility for any damage or injury caused during its use.

Tables, chairs, tablecloths etc when hired will be stacked / placed within the area of the marquee / venue for the hirer to layout as they choose (unless the setting up service has been requested at time of booking.)

The chosen site for a marquee must be reasonably level and clear of all dog mess if the site is deemed unsuitable then we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

We also reserve the right to cancel the booking if the weather conditions are deemed to be unsafe to erect a marquee or once erected poses a danger to the hirer or users (normally high winds). This action will not be taken lightly and will be discussed fully with the hirer before a final decision is made.

We do not accept responsibility for any damage caused to underground services whilst anchoring marquees down, if you have any concerns please mention them to the staff on there arrival.

The hirer is responsible for the marquee, equipment and all accessories whilst on hire to them and therefore is liable for any repair or replacement cost incurred. This includes a cleaning charge if the marquee is collected in dirty condition.

Banqueting Hire

The hire charges are for a period up to three (3) days unless otherwise agreed.

Goods not returned or retained by the hirer will be subject to extra hire charges.

The equipment hired at all times remains the property of Bounceroo.

An order has been deemed accepted by Bounceroo when an order confirmation has been processed and a deposit paid.

Discrepancies on delivery or collection of hired items must be advised immediately.

Unless otherwise agreed a separate deposit of £50.00 is required to cover any missing or broken items, this will be refunded (if there are no discrepancies) after the equipment has been returned and checked.

The company reserve the right to return all items to our premises if the final payment is not received prior to commencement of the hire, or made in cash at the time of delivery.

Cheques should be made payable to BOUNCEROO.

The hirer is responsible for any losses, breakages or damage to items. Any such items will be charged at cost of replacement. No substitute items will be accepted. Items will be checked on return to our premises unless otherwise requested.

All crockery and cutlery should be clear of food and stacked back into there boxes ready for collection by our staff. A washing up charge is automatically added to the invoice.

With reference to table linen please ensure that they are free of any food or any other items prior to folding. Please do not store damp linen in plastic bags.

No credit or refund will be allowed on unused items.

The customer is responsible to store and protect safely all equipment hired from time of receipt until is has been returned or collected. Furniture and equipment must not be left outside, if damage through damp or wet occurs then a full replacement charge will be made.

Arrangements with an approximate time will be made for the delivery and collection of hired items but if access is not possible to make a delivery or collection as arranged then further charges would be incurred. The hirer must ensure that all hired items are ready and in one area for collection and that all items are returned to the driver.

If extra trips are required to collect missing items then a further charge will be made.

We will make every effort to deliver and collect at the arranged times. However no responsibility will be taken if this is not possible due to circumstances beyond our control. The hirer is responsible to store the items until we can collect from the site.

No responsibility can be accepted for injury by use of this equipment.

Orders can be prepared and collected from our premises or we can deliver and collect for you. Please request costs for this service.

Bouncy Castle Hire Agreement

Including terms and conditions for hire

It is the responsibility of the person who is hiring this bouncy castle to ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury or damage to the inflatable.

Please ensure that all safety instructions are followed.

Bounceroo does not accept responsibility for injuries to any person using the equipment, however caused.

A responsible adult must supervise the Bouncy Castle at all times.

The unit has an age limit of 13 years. Please ensure no-one over this age uses the equipment. No adults are to use this Bouncy Castle. Persons taller that the outside walls when standing on the bed should also not use the inflatable.

No food, drinks, pets or silly string to be allowed on the Bouncy Castle.

All footwear, glasses, jewellery, badges MUST be removed before using the Bouncy Castle.

No smoking or barbeques on or near the Bouncy Castles

Climbing, hanging or sitting on the walls is DANGEROUS and must not be allowed.

Always ensure that the Bouncy Castle is not over crowded, and limit numbers according to the age and the size of the children using it. Try to avoid large and small children from using it at the same time.

Do not allow anyone to bounce on the front safety step as they could easily bounce off and get injured. The step is there just to assist people in getting on and off.

Do not allow anyone on the inflatable during inflation or deflation, as this is dangerous.

We would advise an area of 6 feet (2 metres) around the unit is kept completely clear.

When anchoring an inflatable in the ground, if any underground services (water pipes, gas pipes, cables) are damaged when the pegs go in the ground we accept no responsibility for any damage caused.

The Bouncy Castle should not be used if it becomes wet on the jumping area. If no shower cover is fitted then the unit should not be used.

In the event of heavy rain it is strongly recommended that the Bouncy Castle is switched off. Any wetness including bubbling (which is normal) can be dried with a towel.

In the event that the blower stops working, please insure that users get off the inflatable immediately. Check the blower tube or the deflation tube has not come undone or is being obstructed. In the event that it over heats or loses power turn off the blower at the mains and turn it back on again in 2-3 minutes and it should restart.

Please ensure that the inflatable site is reasonably level and clear of any sharp objects, excessive mud or dog mess. If the site is unsuitable we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

Please note that if the inflatable is collected in a dirty condition then the person hiring it WILL incur a cleaning charge.

You the hirer will be fully responsible for the inflatable, its equipment and all accessories whilst on hire to you. You the hirer will be liable for any repair or replacement costs incurred as a result of neglect, misuse or damage of equipment. If you are unsure of anything please call Gary on: 01603 879747

Buffets & Party Food

Our buffets will be delivered on returnable platters and set out on tables at the venue ready for guests to serve themselves. Serving utensils are provided.

PLEASE NOTE: Buffet tables, tablecloths, napkins, crockery and cutlery are not provided as standard in the quoted buffet prices, although all items are available to hire at an additional cost if required.

All serving platters and utensils must be scraped free of food and stacked ready for collection. A washing up charge is automatically added to invoices. Breakages or missing items will be charged for at full replacement cost.

Waitresses are available to assist with serving and clearing away etc so please ask for details if this is a service you would be interested in.


We cannot guarantee that our food / products do not contain traces of nuts and or seeds, all

Fish dishes may contain bones